Broad Range of Fields for your next step

BeNEXT Technologies’ greatest
strength is the opportunities
we offer for engineers and
job seekers to leverage
their talents in a broad range
of fields.

For Engineers and Job Seekers

We offer opportunities for people to find positions in workplaces across a broad range of fields that fit their experience and career path, match their personal aspirations and preferences, and help them take the next step in their career. We also encourage our engineers to become regular employees of our corporate clients, if the opportunity arises. With BeNEXT Technologies, job seekers can gain active experience in a field that enables them to further leverage their abilities.

For Clients

We actively recruit both new graduates and mid-career human resources. Our clients can leverage the range of skills, experience, career backgrounds, and potential of our diverse human resources to take their projects and product development to the next stage.

Our Engineers by Sector

Our Engineers by Skill

Our Engineers by Age

Career Mobility

Our aspiration is to help our personnel to obtain the job position and work conditions of their dreams. Anyone who wants to become a regular employee of the client to which they are dispatched, is encouraged to do so. If and when lifestyle needs or desired working conditions change, BeNEXT Technologies will be here, welcoming people back.

Results at the end of October 2020


Staffing Consultants Bridge Client Needs with Diverse Human Resources

Our staffing consultants
serve as intermediaries
between clients and
our human resources,
helping our personnel to
take the next step
in their careers and ensuring
clients reach the next stage.

For Engineers and Job Seekers

We interview people to find out their desired career direction, experience, and strengths, so that we can suggest a workplace where they can maximize their abilities. We listen carefully to their concerns and work with them individually to explore their future potential and map out their career ambitions, suggesting the next workplace from an objective perspective.

For Clients

Market needs are diversifying and evolving rapidly, which is precisely why we offer human resources read to support the evolving systems, products, and services of our clients. We actively recruit new graduates and mid-career human resources on an ongoing basis, adding to our team nearly every day in Japan. Our human resources range from new graduates eager to gain industry experience, to people seeking a workplace where they can raise their own value, and experienced human resources looking for new challenges or tackling a new area of expertise. Every one of our personnel is ready for their next challenge. Our staffing consultants listen closely to the requirements of our clients and work with our recruiters to suggest human resources who are ready for the next challenge.


Supporting Diverse Human Resources

We support engineers who are
ready to challenge themselves
by providing extensive follow-up
and support.

Career Development System

We believe that the most important factor for engineers’ career development is to build on their experience through day-to-day work in a workplace that suits their preferences. When an engineer joins BeNEXT Technologies, we identify the conditions they seek that will enable them to build their career, including the type of work, working conditions, and benefits. Then we find a workplace that fits their ambitions.

We also work with them to create a professional development plan that is reviewed every six months, to support ongoing growth and career building. We offer extensive education and training for everyone — from those without technical experience to those with a wealth of experience — fully supporting our engineers to command strong market value and work under satisfying working conditions.

Initial Training

All personnel who join BeNEXT Technologies participate in initial training designed to teach essential interpersonal and professional skills for engineers. This training covers essential business etiquette for working persons, 5S safety education, our internal regulations and rules, and creation of a skill improvement plan.

Professional Development (Every Six Months)

Every six months, our personnel participate in professional development training via e-learning and other channels, to promote ongoing skill and career development. We have them outline the contents of their work, and the knowledge and skills they need to acquire for their job. We then review their progress every six months, to ensure they are on track toward realizing their medium- and long-range career development plans.

Support for New Graduates

Before joining: We provide training so that new graduates can confidently enter the workforce for the first time. The curriculum delivers basic knowledge about quality control, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, as needed for each field.

Three months after joining: We monitor work knowledge and skills, the workplace environment and working conditions, and conduct follow-up training as needed.

Extensive Education and Training

We offer extensive education and training to support individual career development, such as opportunities to acquire qualifications, study at learning institutions to gain specialized knowledge, and participate in study groups that we subsidize.

Studying at Learning Institutions

We support our personnel to study at a learning institution within commuting distance of their home, if it is requested for the project or by the corporate client.

Technical Training and Seminars

We partially subsidize the cost of technical training and seminars, to encourage our personnel to receive essential training for work.

Subsidies for Study Groups

We partially subsidize the cost of study groups that are voluntarily organized by our personnel to upgrade their skills.

Remote Learning

We offer more than 140 different courses to help our personnel acquire new knowledge and technical skills at their own pace.

Subsidies for Acquiring Certifications

We encourage our personnel to acquire qualifications so that they can upgrade their work and tackle new challenges.

Support System

Portal Site
for Engineers
We operate a dedicated portal for engineers, which they can use to submit their professional development plan, view information from us, and access educational content. The portal is also used for administrative tasks such as reporting attendance, signing up for learning courses, and viewing payroll statements.
At some point, everyone has considered changing careers or working conditions, because of technological innovations in society or technology change sought by employers. We work individually with each person to identify their desired career direction, and we offer access for them to employees who can give career advice by speaking from their extensive personal experience.
We recognize the hard work of engineers by awarding Most Valuable Engineer Awards to talented engineers who have made outstanding contributions to society or their employers.