Company Philosophy

For Clients

  • We constantly consider the perspective of client companies and endeavor to be a true partner.
  • We strive to accurately understand and comply with relevant laws and regulations, and we always seek to provide clients with optimal solutions.
  • We always consider workplace health and safety, and we endeavor to prevent accidents.

For Employees

  • We provide jobs that lead to professional growth and support skills development through training and education.
  • We strive to fairly and properly evaluate employees and reward them according to the extent of their contribution.
  • We welcome enterprising people who are and eager to take on challenges, and we actively provide opportunities for people to realize their potential.

For Society

  • We emphasize compliance and corporate governance, and we contribute to society by creating jobs.

Code of Conduct

In the spirit of our management philosophy, we aim to build an appealing company in the way we conduct our day-to-day business activities.

  1. We seek to build workplaces that are appealing to everyone.
  2. We tackle issues every day so that each person can enjoy life and be enriched.
  3. We equally capitalize on diverse human resources and provide opportunities so that they can display their talents.
  4. As a partner, we strive to enable our human resources to grow and realize their dreams through work.

Quality Policy

We supply products and services that are trusted by customers.

  1. We will ensure the continued effectiveness of our quality management system and endeavor to raise customer satisfaction.
  2. We strive to continually improve quality, cost, and delivery in order to contribute to our customers and society.


We will be deeply aware of the social responsibilities of the company, comply with related laws and regulations in the conduct of daily operations, and behave in accordance with social norms.

  1. Recognize our social mission and widely establish trust in and contribute to society.
  2. Strictly comply with laws, regulations, and rules and behave to serve as a model of society as much as possible.
  3. Ensure that employees will not disclose confidential corporate information.
  4. Respect fundamental human rights and sustain and improve a worker-friendly workplace environment.
  5. Behave as a reliable company based on laws and regulations, as well as other social norms regarding the handling of personal information.
  6. We do not personally receive benefits offered from customers as a result of providing them with services or generate conflicts of interest by conferring benefits upon third parties.
  7. We do not become involved with antisocial forces.
  8. We do not perform any actions of providing insider information about other companies to third parties or engage in stock trading and other transactions using insider information.