Working with its clients, BeNEXT Group promotes the individual growth
and value of its engineers using the engineer value (EV) model.


Identifying the value
of engineers

  • Gathering varied information on individual engineers, including skills, experience, achievements, clients evaluations, etc.
  • Gathering and analyzing our engineer data on technical skills, career goals, and preferred workplaces, etc., using AI via an even more convenient mobile site

Improving the value
of engineers

  • Using HR technology to create skill development programs based on the identified abilities, issues, and goals of our engineers
  • On the basis of the engineer’s technical level, offer right workplace and charge client by market value (staffing hourly rate, etc.)

Promoting the individual
development of engineers

  • Responding rapidly to changes in HR diversity and work styles with personnel evaluations and employment types suitable for the technology area
  • Motivate engineers with awards, raises/bonuses, and training programs

Exploring the potential
of each engineer

  • Fully utilizing online interview and marketing tools
  • Sales representatives and staffing specialists work together to increase the accuracy of matching engineers and clients
  • Improving placement efficiency for newly hired and reassigned employees