The officers and employees of BeNEXT Group Inc. and its group companies fully appreciate that the group’s main business, human resources services, is subject to laws and regulations such as Japan’s Labor Standards Act, Worker Dispatching Act, and Employment Security Act. Accordingly, they are highly committed to compliance efforts.

Operating companies regularly hold compliance meetings as part of efforts to continually check and ensure full compliance. They engage in group-wide efforts to share guidance from the Labor Bureau and Labor Standards Inspection Office, and issues to be addressed, while striving to reduce working hours and promote initiatives for compliance with other laws and regulations. The holding company is responsible for overseeing the effectiveness of the compliance meetings at each operating company, and reports their progress to the Board of Directors.

In addition, BeNEXT Group has created its own compliance checklists for subcontracting and outsourcing operations, based on the characteristics of each business area, and confirms that dispatched workers are receiving instructions from appropriate personnel and that workplace health and safety has been secured, as stipulated by law. This is carried out through in-house audits of the workplaces to which staff are sent.

Through these and other initiatives, BeNEXT Group performs risk management and ensures group-wide compliance.